Collinsville Retired Miners


The Collinsville and District Lodge of Retired Miners was formed around 1997 with union activist Arch Tudehope as inaugural President and Snow Menton as Secretary. The lodge was formed with two main goals – to look after fellow members and to pursue objectives which would assist our community.

We are an organisation which actively promotes unionism and we are definitely not a social club.

Over the years we have engaged in several campaigns, notably among those was the successful lobbying for the Cerito Road which provides an all weather access for our local miners who work in the Central Queensland Mines who, during the wet season had to travel via the coast road to reach work adding three hours to their journey. Total cost of this bitumen road was $21 million.

We also initiated Miners Memorial Day in Collinsville when we gather to remember our fallen comrades. It is the only such annual Memorial Day in Queensland.

Another of our achievements was to successfully lobby for a Coal Mining Heritage Centre which is housed within the United Mineworkers Club which tells the story of our rich mining history.

Over the years we have donated thousands of dollars to local charities and sporting groups.

Long standing chairman is formal central Councillor Jack Dempsey.

For more information contact the Workers Club, at (07) 4785 5452 or email

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