Collinsville Miners Memorial Day


The Collinsville Miners Memorial Day was initiated in 1997 by the Collinsville Lodge of Retired Miners as a means of honouring the 26 miners who lost their life in the winning of coal on this field.

It is held on the anniversary day each year of the State Mine Disaster of 13th October 1954 in which seven underground miners died in a spontaneous outburst of carbon dioxide which was estimated to release 950,000 cubic meters of deadly gas.

From fairly modest beginnings and with the help of both Local and State CFMEU Officials we now have an annual event which attracts Union Officials and Politicians from all over the country.

The ceremony itself is held at the Miners Statue which is situated within a Memorial Rose Garden adjacent to the United Mine Workers Club. Refreshments are provided within the clubs premises following the ceremony which commences at 5.00pm.

Work has commenced on the construction of a replica of the State Coal Mine Number 1 Tunnel. This will be completed before this years Memorial Day Ceremony.

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Memorial Day 2016

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